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What Moms Want

April 24th, 2013



All the luxury of the spa, at her own convenience!

All the luxury of the spa, at her own convenience!


Moms don’t ask for much.  Usually it’s for a moment of silence, an uninterrupted soak in the bathtub, or maybe a night off of kitchen duty.

Something sweet, delicate & beautiful… just like MOM!


She may not ask for much, and might even tell you she just wants to be together for Mother’s Day.  Which is probably true.


But we know Mommies.  We know that an unexpected gift of thoughtfulness and appreciation will touch her heart.  Might even make her cry.  But it’s that good kind of cry that Moms will do.


You pick it, we carefully pack and ship it, and you get one happy Mom!

Tell Mom you love & appreciate her over and over... nine times over, in fact!

Tell Mom you love & appreciate her over and over… nine times over, in fact!

One more thing!  When she finds out that her gift also gives back to food banks, be prepared for more of those happy tears.

Good job, kid!

Uncovering A Word From the Past

April 8th, 2013



{ Joe Naumes, 1982.}

  Advice From an Expert

Having been a faithful steward of the land and of the pear industry, Joe Naumes started his Southern Oregon family farm back in 1946.  The following piece of writing was found years after his passing, but is a beautifully spoken recommendation of how to fully enjoy the “king of fruits,” the delectable pear.


The most satisfaction will be derived from pears if they are eaten when fully ripened.  They are hard when picked because it has been determined, scientifically, that they give the greatest pleasure if they are harvested green.  After picking we cool the pears to 32 degrees, and hold them at that temperature.  This procedure promotes even ripening after leaving the cold environment.

Your pears may have left the cold as much as a week ago.  Accordingly, depending upon temperatures experienced for the intervening period out of cold, the ripening process may have begun.

A popular misunderstanding is that pears should be placed in the refrigerator when green.  This is the worst thing that can be done to pears.  Home refrigerator temperatures are not cold enough and the pears will not keep well therein, nor will they ripen properly.

Final ripening can be accomplished by holding pears at 70 degrees with some humidity;  (A Dampened tea towel serves well.)  Placing them in a covered bowl, or even a paper or poly sack, with an apple or banana (for ethylene gas) will hasten ripening.

To determine if they are ready, press your thumb into the neck and see if you can make a small impression in the flesh.  If you feel the cells being crushed, the pear is ready.  Color may not be a criterion of ripeness.

We think that the flavor of pears, once ripened, is enhanced by chilling before serving.  However you prefer them, the golden rule is to eat them when they are ready. 

The king of fruits will make you a more loyal subject if you will follow these suggestions.

1st photo shoot 253


A Blissful, Chocolatey Easter

March 22nd, 2013

Easter time brings the delight of spring in the air, the opportunity for family gatherings… and chocolate.  For the more sophisticated palates we passed by the chocolate eggs and bunnies to offer up a truly decadent, gourmet chocolate experience.

Say “Hello” to the Truffle Artisan Petit Four. 

At first bite you realize the flavor explosion of creamy chocolate layers, balanced with a perfectly moist cake.


Second dive in and you understand the necessity for making tiny bites, in order to make this divine chocolate experience last as long as possible.  The outer chocolate layer is soft, but able to hold the creamy layers intact.


Be cautious as your third bite ensues, for you will begin to realize that the Artisan petit four deliciousness is nearing it’s end.  Avoid sadness, and embrace the remaining goodness in all it’s glory.


Say “Goodbye” to your last bite, but it is suggested you say it rather slowly, and with great attention to the remaining decadent flavor profiles.  Licking of fingers is permitted, and most likely unavoidable.


The heavenly experience is well worth the 70 calories per petit four.  In fact, it indeed leaves room for yet another petit four… but which one?  Espresso, milk chocolate, raspberry truffle, or another delectable truffle?

*Artisan Petits Fours also available in our Spring Flower assortment in: Raspberry, apricot, pineapple, truffle, strawberry, and lemon.

Catch the Spirit of the Chinese New Year!

February 8th, 2013

We are fast approaching one of the most significant Chinese holidays, the Chinese New Year.  This Year of the Snake will ring in with new year’s festivities on February 10th. Deeply rooted in age-old tradition, the Chinese New Year celebration has gained popularity outside the usual Chinese populated territories beyond China, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

year of the snake postage stamp

Chinatowns scattered throughout the map are joining in on hanging up their paper lanterns, stuffing red envelopes, handing out bountiful fruit gifts, and preparing to commit to renewed health, happiness and good fortune. Chinese New Year customs encourage us to sweep out our homes and lives of anything unpleasant and unhealthy, only to make room for the things that bring us happiness and well-being.  Gathering together for time with friends and family, filled with hope for the future and letting go of past grudges, purposely sets our minds on a hopeful  and bountiful year ahead!


Asian pears have distinctive, rich juiciness, with a delicate floral taste; a perfect replacement in any apple recipe.


 Let’s give those gifts!

 Let’s brush aside any ill-will!

Let’s  encourage one another to hold a bright, positive and smiley face to the year ahead, as well as to all those who may cross our paths along the way!

Pinata apples & Rogue Red pears... taste tests deemed these as the King and Queen of the orchards!

Pinata apples & Rogue Red pears… taste tests deemed these as King and Queen of the orchards!

Got That Lovin’ Feelin’?

January 31st, 2013

Valentine’s Day is all about the giving and receiving of loving feelings.  Any way you slice it, love is good!

~ Like an iced lemonade on a hot day, good.

~ Like a door held open when your arms are full, good.

~ Like the first smile of your newborn baby, good.

~ Good, like something so funny that you giggle ’til you cry.

Love is not only good, it is also a vital part of living happily!

~ Like being covered with a quilt when you’re napping, happy.

~ Like being called beautiful by a stranger, happy.

~ Like an unexpected, larger tax return, happy.

~ Happy, like finding a gift on your doorstep, because someone was “Just thinking about you.”

Donate Fruit can help you be the “do-gooders” and the “dispensers of happiness” of the world!  Each tasty, gourmet gift includes a card explaining how their gift also gives back with a pound-for-pound, fresh fruit donation to a food bank… Yep, that’s love!

Blissfully Yours



Elegant Valentine’s Day Petits Fours

Gifting Trends of the Season!

November 27th, 2012

Things are getting festive this time of year, with gifts going out here and there; oh the joy being bestowed everywhere!

An evergreen wreath for weeks of delight!

Treats for the young and for the older folk too.  Sweet & healthy ways to say, “I’m thinking of you!”

Little nibbles of decadent confections + juicy pear slices = a perfect holiday gathering memory!

Giving the orchard’s best fruit is an age-old custom don’t you know? Even Santa had this holiday tradition, through wind, sleet, rain and snow!

Pinata apples & Rogue Red pears… taste tests deemed these as the King and Queen of the orchards!

Say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Kwanza many times and many ways; A monthly fruit club gift sends warm thoughts for days and days!

Monthly fruit clubs come in 3, 6 and 9 month deliveries. Premium grade fruit fresh from the orchard, straight to your door!

Our trusted customers have quality and taste sophistication, making these the top two gifts in consumer appreciation!

This collection of sweet treats will make your taste buds sing… and in tune too!

With beautiful blushing skin and melt-in-your mouth flesh, the Comice (kah-mees) is our most popular pear.












And ask the staff about their favorite gift, surrounded by tasting options galore?  Their gift of choice with resounding voice is this one… and yes please, we’ll have more!

Beware… a pleasant tasting time can quickly turn into a pushing and shoving frenzy with this gift!





Farmer’s Market Fan

July 13th, 2012

Thursday rolls around and every week I find myself literally skipping as if it’s friday.  Oh, thursday is a regular working day, and I’m not suffering from calendar dyslexia.  It IS Farmer’s Market day in this beloved little town in the bountiful Rogue Valley.

Blue skies + many tents = happy people

I suspect most populated areas have these tented treasure troves, from the big cities, to the quaint townships. But, there is something about this one mine.  Funny, but I lived in a much larger city for 10+ years, never having stepped foot on any farmer’s market ground.  Maybe it was because I had four small kids in tote back then.  It could have been the twenty minute drive to get there, the additional ten minutes to park my minivan vehicle, and the lack of a four-seater stroller. I have wondered if maybe the inconveniences would  have been worth a trip or two. I wonder what I missed?

Back in the present, it’s thursday again, 10 am, and I pop my head over the blue cubicle wall to see if my sister co-worker  is ready.  Oh, and is she ever!  She has attained a liking obsession for these local potato doughnuts… served by the most hard-working and polite children, who don’t bat an eye at making correct change.  Lo-and-behold the tent across from donut heaven sits a table-full of the most fragrant basil plants. I claim one all mine for a whopping $3.50, and we’re talking gallon size pots here folks!

Fresh herbs, yes please!


But we are really here for work, so off we go hunting for the latest and greatest local products.  We browse over tables of naturally  flavor-infused popcorns, hand-milled cheese wedges, and canned fruit syrups & jams, prepared with all-natural & local ingredients.  Oh, the many things we could happily tuck inside a gourmet gift basket, giving others a sweet taste of our very own and locally grown delicacies!

Beet mine!

let's find some bread, quick!

Let’s find some bread, quick!

Our Farmer’s Market jute bag now heavy with samples, and the tops of our heads nicely sunburned sun-kissed, we stop for a nibble of nourishment.  I would say “treat,” but this spinach & cheese empanada is so jam-packed with spinach, that “nourishment” is really the winning word.  I’m savoring the final warm & stringy & gooey & salty bite of deliciousness, when my eyes fixate on this nifty sign;

Look away if your mouth is full…


Not quite fitting for gift baskets of the gourmet consumer kind, but hand-clapping perfect for a lil ditty about being a fan of our local Farmer’s Market!  And yet… spinach must be brain food because I envision how worms could be the new thing in fishermen’s master-gardener’s baskets (Oh, thank you Google for saving me from utter lack-of-worm-knowledge embarrassment!)

One hour later, and we shoppy McShoppertons can officially be renamed as pooped-out McPoopertons (now that just doesn’t sound ladylike.) But, we’re ready to call it a day before noon!  And what must one do when she works her fingers to the bone and risks her once healthy scalp in the hot, Rogue Valley sun? She snags some of these natural beauts!

Resist these, no way, now how!


Our thursday now complete, we walk off into the distance.  Little angelic voices sing something delightfully twangy and perfectly harmonized, serenading our departure. Not our voices mind you, but those of two little guitar & violin playing & singing schoolgirls.  I think their dollar bill stuffed violin case has more than likely covered their college fundage.  Right on, you two precious & talented little smarty McSmartypants!

Is the local farmer’s market calling your name?  Follow the voices, I tell you.  Become a fan like all of us farmers market frequenters, the Shoppy McShoppertons, those Pooped out McPoopertons, and join the ranks with all of the  Smarty McSmartypants!

Wanna spy with your little eye on some of the local goods that I bragged about mentioned up there? Check out the; Taste of Oregon, Together at Last, the Ultimate Gourmet Snacker, and the Anna Maria Chardonnay Selection… just to name a few that include local yummies. Plus, we are always on the lookout for the next “IT” item, hopefully locally!

And to top it all off, every single gift purchased through Donate Fruit gives back to help fill our nation’s food banks.  We donate a pound of  fresh and healthy fruit for every pound purchased (we always donate a 5lb minimum, even if your gift is of the small & lightweight kind).  All day, every day.  Because hunger happens in our own backyards, and giving gifts with a cause is double the pleasure.


Deliciously Healthy Cherries

June 12th, 2012

A hand-full of glorious cherries is your answer to a sweet and healthy snack option.  It’s easy to forego the processed and empty caloric snacks, when freshly plucked fruit is for the taking and for the clean eating!

One cup of these pretty little gems counts for 1 gram of protein, 3 grams of fiber, 22 grams of carbohydrates, and a measly 87 calories.  Cherries can boast to being one of the lowest calorie fruits!

The royally colored fruit is dense with rich ruby red hues, which is nature’s way of indicating, “Hey, look at me, I’m super good for your body!” These naturally deep red pigments in the skin and fruit mean that is loaded with anti-oxidant properties.


Good-for-the-body benefits of eating cherries include; reduces the threat of heart diseases, as well as reduces inflammation and painful conditions such as arthritis, gout and fibromyalgia. The anti-oxidants in cherries promote heart and brain health, that also assist in warding off cancers, and encourage overall good health.  Difficulty sleeping?  Cherries also contain melatonin, which helps to lower body temperature, makes us feel sleepy, and can even help us sleep more soundly.

Forgot to take your multivitamin?  Check out the litany of vitamins in cherries, including vitamin A, C, E, folate, potassium, magnesium, iron and fiber.

With the lengthy list of health benefits of cherries, one might be brilliant enough to keep them around for a sweet & smart snack choice! However, with a short availability season, you had better grab some for yourself, and quick! BecauseCherries offer tremendous health benefits that only Mother Nature could fashion into such nutritious, yet candy-like fruit!

There is much to boast about the healthy benefits and flavor of this adorable fruit… but have your eyes and belly ever beheld the grandeur of premium grade cherries?  Unlike the little beauties in the grocery store, premium grade cherries are unbelievable in size and taste… taking that burst of flavor in your mouth experience to a whole new level.  Your gourmet cherries are always matched with our pound-for-pound donation of fresh & nutritious fruit to food bank networks across the country.  Every Donate Fruit purchase gives back to help Feed the Need in America… putting gourmet fruit & gifts  into your hands, and fresh fruit into the food banks that need it the most!  It’s kind of like sharing the best of the bounty on your plate… the juiciest of bites… except we do the sharing for you, and you keep every, single, delicious & nutritious bite for yourself. Cherry cheers!


May 9th, 2012

rated 5 stars



2 arms

1 all-natural smile (separated)

1 pinch non-artificial sweetness

1 dollop of compliments (as needed)

1 heaping cup of gratefulness

Season to taste with love & respect




  1.      Take two arms and wrap the Mom in a hug. Around the middle or around the neck is fine. Wrap firmly,   but gentle enough to allow circulation. After wrapping, let arms remain around the Mom until full. *See recipe note below if arms are not available
  2.      Find one, all natural smile. Separate it a little, or a lot, let simmer awhile to warm the Mom. Sprinkle doses of all-natural sweetness wherever sourness of the Mom is detected.
  3.      Scoop up one heaping cup of gratefulness, preferably overflowing, and douse the Mom until she squeaks. *Repeat Step #1 if the Mom faints at this point.
  4.      Mix in dollops of compliments to prevent stiffness.
  5.      Season with love & respect as needed.



  • Serve up all of the ingredients mixed together, or in separate doses
  • Omitting arms from this recipe will not affect the Mom, just substitute with your head on her shoulder… preferably with a chubby cheek, and sprinkled with freckles, or dirt.


What’s All The Fuss About PINTEREST?

April 27th, 2012


Remember the day you heard about this curious thing called Facebook? And the day you succumbed, signed up, and found your long-lost high school friends?  Pinterest is nothing like that. However, it IS addictive.  It IS unlike any other social networking site. It HAS a unique service like no other! You may think you do not have time for another time killer  hobby.  But then again, you may find Pinterest to be a time saver, like I have!

Think about those piles of magazines you have stacked & saved, earmarking the exact paint color you have planned for the living room… or building plans for your dream closet… or maybe it’s a scribbled list of images you want to capture on your next photo shoot of the kids?  Pinterest to the rescue!

Before Pinterest:  Conjure up a mental image of a corkboard, if you will.  Hold out your hand as I pour out a slew of pushpins.   Your corkboard(S) will be labeled for each category, to view and organize your area(S) of interest, such as; Wedding Ideas, Recipes, Gardening designs, Remodeling Projects… you get the point.  Before Pinterest you would be off to buy, stack and store all of the magazines and images to snip, or you could always print out the images from the computer… If you can only remember that one website that had that one thingy called… shoot.

Hello, handy Pinterest,  it’s nice to meet you  I love you!

Not so shy anymore, eh?  Pinterest is another virtual world created to collect, organize, and share (if you wish) all of the most incredible things you could possibly find on the Internet.  Pinterest has helpful categories like; Art, DIY & Crafts, Wedding & Events, Hair & Beauty, and even a Geek section, so I have heard, to help refine your searches.  If it’s something you could imagine collecting and keeping around for later reference, Pinterest has it.  And what if they don’t? YOU can create your own “pins” from any website you want to, with the downloadable “PIN IT” button for your toolbar!

So, you browse around the Pinterest world, and quickly find yourself drooling at a lip-licking recipe. PIN IT! Which means, click on the image and click on the “PIN IT” button.  Your new “Pin” will be stored on your personal, “pinboard!” Easy to find, whenever you need it. From there you have your world in complete control & domination to “pin” and save whatever your pretty little heart desires.

Wait, it gets better!  Not only can you “Pin” the images you like, but each image you “Pin,” takes you immediately to that specific website, just by clicking on the image! I particularly like this feature when I am hunting down a specific recipe.  I will click on the image that I’m interested in, which takes me to the website with that recipe.  If I like the ingredients and if it suits my fancy, then I pin it.  Oh, and about those pins that you hate, changed your mind about? It’s YOUR pinboard, so hey, erase it!  I pinned some kind of meat recipe that said it was a husband’s favorite… which was not the case with mine, so it got the boot from my “Recipe Box” pinboard!

Create your own categories, with fanciful names if you dare!  And you might want to accept this dare, because others can see your “pins”, if you wish!  Friends can “follow” you to see, admire, and “pin” what you have “pinned.”  Find a particular person or website that shares your style, cause, or has a TON of ideas you like?  Pinterest lets you stalk “follow” them.

Take a leisurely stroll through Pinterest and get familiar with your new obsession helper.  Here are a few bits of inside information that will boost your pinning experience!

  • Download the “PIN IT” button for your computer’s toolbar.  You can find a lot on Pinterest, but this allows you to pin whatever you want from any website.
  • Pinning something to sell?  Pinterest will automatically add the price tag ribbon on the top left of your picture, if you put the $ symbol in with the price of the item!
  • You can connect your Pinterest with Facebook & Twitter to share your favorite pins, or not.
  • Now that you are friends, let Pinterest be one of your besties.  Tomorrow you can learn how to pluck away for the perfect eyebrow shape.  Next week have the kids try that DIY craft for their bedrooms.  Next month it’s off to plant that eye-catching herb garden for the following month’s recipe you just pinned.I happened to pin five seven ten new pins while writing this piece!  Happy Pinning!